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Later this month or early in September, hermiones_desk is going to be running a Harry Potter fanfiction survey, in three parts.

The first part will ask general HP fanfiction writing questions; what time periods people have written, what types of stories they prefer to write, and things along those lines. All questions are multiple choice; some will be one answer only, but most will have the option to check off as many answers as are applicable. This survey will also include questions as to where people upload stories and the like.

The second part of the survey will ask general questions directed towards readers; what types of stories they prefer to read, if they have a preference for certain types of romance, what ratings they're willing to read, etc. As with the questions from the first portion, answers will be multiple choice.

The third part of the survey, which will be much smarter, will have general fandom questions, like where people get news for the books and movies, what forums they frequent, what they ship, and so on. This section will be smaller than the first two, which are meant to be more in-depth.

I have a fairly extensive question sheet written out right now, but what I'm mainly interested in seeing is what people would like to see asked on the survey, if they have any concerns, and any other questions they may have. I welcome all questions and comments freely, and will try my best to respond to all comments posed.

Thank you for your time.
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Forum sites are sites wherein the main activity or point of the site is the discussion of Harry Potter, or parts of the fandom.

Forum sites range from general discussion, to fanfiction only, to the history and mythology contained in the Potter series. All forum site links belong in this post. Remember to link to it in your comment, and thank you for your time.


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Rec sites are sites that are devoted only to the rec'cing [recommending] of other's works.

Since rec sites tend to be much rarer than regular fanfiction/fanart/etc sites, all rec sites belong here. The site, whether it be an LJ, a community, a forum, or whatever must be dedicated solely to rec'cing, and not just be a place where people rec from time to time.

Post links in the comments, and thank you for your time.

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RPG [Role-Playing Game] Sites are sites and communities aimed towards Potterheads who like role-playing. The purpose of this post is to gather as many links to HP-centred sites as possible.

Additionally, generic RPG sites [that is to say, sites that give general RPG tips and such] are also appreciated.

Once again, we take personal sites, lj and other communities, forums for RPing, etc. We do not accept links to RPG personal journals [some RPists have a separate journal solely for use in posting in RPG journals- we're not interested in those.]

Thank you again for your time.

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Shippy sites are sites dedicated to one or more ships [and exclusively to ships] within the Potterverse. Some are fanlistings, some are fanfiction sites, some are communities, etc. This post is here to collect the links regarding any and all shippy links in order to archive them for later perusal by the fandom.

All ships are accepted- this includes slash, three-or-more-somes, and so on. Please provide the link in your comment, along with a brief explaination [R/Hr; Remus/Sirius, Harry/Draco, etc]. Thanks for your help!

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This post is for people to leave links regarding character-oriented sites.

Character sites are fan-sites that revolve one particular character, or occasionally a group of characters not romantically involved. They can be pro or anti sites, so long as they are devoted towards a character or a group of characters [such as the Death Eaters, Order Members, the DA, etc.]

Any and all character sites are accepted here, so long as they're not shippy. LJ communities, websites, yahoo!groups- so long as they pertain to the character or group, they're fine.

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Alright, folks, here's the deal:

I'm attempting to create a small subsite for HP fanfiction, in general. Yes, I know I'm probably clinically insane for wanting to do this, but I'm a firm believer in cross-posting and genre/pairing sites, as well as using bigger sites, like FictionAlley. So I'm imploring you all to give me links to any and all HP fanfiction sites that you know of. All of them.

Well, actually, let me be more specific.

I'm looking for archive sites. That is to say, sites that archive the stories; I'm not interested in sites that are only rec sites and don't actually have any stories.

Other than that? It's up for grabs. I'm looking for everything; regular sites, livejournal communities, and yes, even personal journals for fanfiction. I also accept yahoo!groups, provided that they archive the stories. Everything and anything that holds HP stories is up for grabs.

Why am I doing this? Because I'm nuts, or so Luna whispers in my ear. Eh. What would she know?

Just FYI: For now, while anyone can friend this comm, I'm not allowing others to post new entries. I may eventually turn this into a newsletter solely for fanfiction [and maybe fanart], but for now- I just want links! Romance, comedy, general, smut- EVERYTHING! If you own it, show it. Drabbles, cookie-fics are accepted- yes, even the 100word drabble sites. I'm trying to create something where people can easily find that they like.

Thank you for your time, and start commenting!

ETA: Please don't send me links to specific stories in personal journals- I don't want your personal journal, I want your fanfiction journal/community. I need something general I can link people to.
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