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What is this place?

hermiones_desk is a community used to gather information in order to archive different aspects of the Potter Fandom, like Harry Potter fanfiction sites, fanart sites, rec sites, RPG sites, etc.


Why? Mainly because I have an overabundance of freetime to do with as I will. However, my main objective is to find and archive the Potter fandom in order to make it easier on all of us to find what we're looking for, be it dark slash, flangsty Ron/Dung, or any other number of assorted oddities that are currently lying about randomly across the internet.

Who runs this place?

I do, Seren/our_innocence. Right now, it's just me, 'cos that's all we need. I'm a fanfiction writer on several different sites, under the names Seren, Seren Quirke, Eliane Fraser, and Seren K Seven. Whee.

I want to contribute something!

If it's a link to something related to the Potterdom, go to the main journal page first and make sure that it's nothing you can't add to one of the pre-existing entries. If it's something entirely different, email me and I'll see about setting up a new questionnaire.

How can I contact you?

You can email me at journey.of.INANNA [at] gmail dot com. AIM is Ronin 2 of 7; I don't use the other messenger systems enough to list them.

Do you accept things like slash and smut?

In a word, yes. While I won't pretend that I read or enjoy all aspects of the fandom, it's not within my rights to naysay anything.

[And for the record, I'm a huge Ron/Draco fan. :: cheeses ::]

What type of sites do you accept?

Generally speaking? Anything. Some of the posts have specific requirements; for example, for the fanfiction aspect, I won't take links that are just sites with links to other stories; they have to be archives. Recs are the same way; it has to be a site of recs, and not of your own fanfiction. If you have two different pages, one for your stories and one for your recs, just submit the pages URL's.

But for the most part- Livejournal communities, other journals, websites, yahoo!groups, msn groups- so long as they fit the basic requirements, they're in.

I don't, however, accept anything that glorifies things like racism. Dur.